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Operations/ Plant manager

Operations/ Plant manager

Work Experience

2002-present General production manager at Sekisui Alveo (polyolefin foam production),
Roermond. Turnover $ 50 106. Order orientated. Batch production.
Extrusion, cross linking, foaming.
Responsibilities; Leading a team of 4 managers, indirectly 170 employees.
Next to the day to day operation of the production, maintenance, engineering,
further development of the organisation.
Achievements; Improvement of the FC with 12%, improvement of the
productivity with 15% (2002-2005), claim ratio 0,35%, upgrading of
production managers and team-leaders. Implementing maintenance en
spare-part system SAP, internal training of operators.
Customers; Automotive, consumer goods, medical, construction, others.

2001-2002 Management consultant. Advisor and coach. Improvement of the
production and logistic organisation.
Achievements; Reduction of 15% of employees. Improvement of the
yield to 90%. Internal logistic from push to pull system.
Customers; Automotive, IT industry.

Jan - Nov 2001 Operations manager at Ramaer bv (printed circuit board), Helmond.
Turnover $20 106. Order orientated, Galvano technique, process chemistry,
clean room.
Responsibilities; Leading a team of 5 managers production, logistic,
engineering, customer service, indirectly 140 employees. Due to the
economic situation end 2001 the company went bankrupt.
Achievements; Implementing KPI, Improvement of yield from 80„³90%,
delivery liability from 40 to 95%, daily output from 1200 to 2000 units.
Inventory control and reduction of stock.
Customers; Automotive, Telecom, ECM, Industrial.

1998-2001 Plant manager (interim) Philips (packing and distribution centre Europe),
Sarvar.Turnover $25 106. Order orientated 450 employees.
Responsibilities; Leading the management team of the site,
Introduction of local successor, delivery liability up to 99%
Supply-group manager, Philips Europe, Weert.
Activities; Development of manufacturing plan of 6 plants in Europe.
Achievements; Re-allocated of the portfolio, closure of 2 plants within
budget, set-up and implement long and short term manufacturing policy in

1995-1998 Plant manager Philips (manufacturing of lamps en components) Shanghai.
Turnover $45 106. Order orientated, 1000 employees.
Responsibilities; End responsible for the 4 plants. Integration into the
company structure, implementing the investment program $25 106,
up-grading the site to company standard (export).
Achievements; successful integration of the site, increase plant productivity,
completion of the investment program within budget, cost reduction 66%
through reduction of employees, localisation of material and improvements
in the supply chain. Lead-time reduction of 50%. Set-up training school,
development of high potentials, appraisal system, World quality award winner
1998 and ISO 9002-14001.

1991-1995 Factory manager Bolsius (manufacturing of candles), Boxmeer.
Turnover $20 106. Order orientated, 150 employees.
Responsibilities; the operations budget, representing the company in the
workers council. Replacement of the director (sales) during its absence.
Achievements; Implementation of ERP-system Triton, construction of a high
building warehouse incl. software, Innovation of the product range.

1987-1991 Factory manager, Philips (manufacturing of lamps), Chandigarh 300
Responsible for the operations budget. Restore profitability.

1980-1987 Production assistant, Philips Oss/Weert. Project-leader of technical and
organisation improvements.


1981-1982 Post HBO Business Administration, diploma
1981-1982 VOA-3, diploma
1976-1980 HTS Engineering, diploma
1972-1976 MTS Engineering, diploma
1968-1972 LTS Engineering, diploma

Finance : Budget, Costing, Investments
Quality : SPC, ISO-TS, PDCA
Logistic : Supply chain, ERP, Triton Baan, SAP
Production : Manufacturing excellence, Kaizen
Human resource : Teambuilding, conflict handling, Appraisal


• Financial insight
• Supply chain management
• Project management
• Improvement/change-management
• Continuous improvements/ Cost efficiency • Driven and involved
• Can do instead of can¡¦t do
• Result orientated
• Strong analytical power
• Logic but also humour and feeling


English : Good verbal and written communication skills.
German : Good verbal and written communication skills.


OPERATIONS/ PLANT MANAGER with broad ranging (international) policy and operational management experience in the industry. I am able to find quickly the root problem and will use all below-named characteristics together with common sense to come to a solution. I prefer that people take responsibility. My aim is to achieve a self problem-solving organisation. I value a good relation with customers among others to achieve an optimum between the business and the operation objectives.

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