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legal counsel, legal assistent

legal counsel, legal assistent

Work Experience

C. Legal & Professional Background

September 2000-till now:
Business Assistant, Antroze B.V.B.A, 19, Ernst Van Dijck Kaai. 2000 Antwerpen.

March ’98- April ‘99
Student Job, 169,Avenue Louise,1160 Bruxelles,Polyrest S.P.R.L. , Brussels.
Contact Person :Monsieur Shafique Bandali.

April ’96 – February ‘97
Worked as Media Analyst for the European Union (Directorate General: Media and Communication), Report International, Avenue Albert, Brussels.

March 95 – Feb 1996
Public Relations, ‘Le journal du Collectioneur’, Blvrd de Triomphe, 1160 Brussels
Contact person: Madame Martine Smekens

Feb ’93 – Feb ‘94
Student Job, Polyrest International S.P.R.L. Av. Louise 169, Brussels

Dec ’91 – Jan ‘93
Student Job, Belgavia Catering, Airport Zaventem, Belgium

Jan ‘86 – Aug ‘90
Passed examination of Bangladesh Bar Council in 1987 and worked in Supreme Court of Bangladesh on behalf of the Law firm “The Law Associates”, 218, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue,Dhaka,Bangladesh


B. Academic Profile
1999-2002: Finishing doctorate dissertation – Department of political science- Universite Libre De Bruxelles.

1998-1999 Master degree in Legal Theory - European Academy of Legal Theory (Facultés Universitaires Saint-Louis & Katholieke Universiteit Brussels)

1994-1998 working for doctorate dissertation and requisite course for dissertation

1992-1993 Master degree in International Politics (distinction) – Centre for studies of strategies of international relations – Université Libre De Bruxelles.

1991-1992 Followed courses in Management VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussels)

1990-1991 Master degree in European and International Law – PILC (Program on International Legal Co-operation) – VUB Brussels

1986-1987 LL.M (Master Of Laws) – Faculty of Law of University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

1981-1986 LL.B (honours) Bachelor degree in Law – Faculty of Law – University of Dhaka, Bangladesh


F. Computer Knowledge: MsOffice package, Internet & Email, Spreadsheet:
Lotus 123

G. Hobbies: Reading, Cinema, Football


E. Language Knowledge: Bengali (mother tongue),English (very good in speaking, writing and reading),French (basic level in speaking and writing, good in reading),Dutch: learning stage (since sept 2001)


D. Personal Background
* Member of the Bangladesh Human Rights commission, Institute of democratic rights and Amnesty International of Bangladesh

* European Community STAGE – successfully finished the training program organized by the European Community (March-May 1991)

* Vice President of the Awami League (Belgium)


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