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Senior Program Manager

Senior Program Manager

Work Experience

04/2007 – Now: Programme Manager of Sat3Play
Customer: Newtec
Role & Description:
Handling Software, Hardware and Embedded Software engineering projects with respect to satellite communication. Challenges here are:
-to keep young & enthusiastic engineers focussed on a mission critical project
-keeping balance between innovation/R&D/creativity and budget/timeschedules
-visualization schedule, unspoken risks, unspoken issues, bringing estimates under control
-improve Quality of delivered software
-tracking of actuals
-reporting and meeting structure
-coaching of customers project managers
-teamsize of ± 30 engineers

09/2005 – Now: Project Assurance
Customer: <Confidential> - Public Sector
Role & Description:
-Project Management Advice & Assistance on a document management project. Actual project is executed by a third party.

03/2003 – Now: Program Director/Trainer of Fellow in Project Management
Customer: Vlaamse Ingenieurskamer
Role & Description:
-Responsible for the curriculum of this training program
-Evaluation of students papers
-Taking exams
-Give training on following topics
=Project Planning Techniques
=Risk Management
=Project financials & Earned Value

01/2007 – 05/2007: IT Architect
Customer: RNE Europe (Vienna)
Role & Description:
AS IS analysis of the IT architecture of RNE Europe. The challenge here was to give a detailed overview of the existing situation out of widely dispersed documentation and many interviews.

Sun Microsystems
November, 2004 – December, 2006
Function—Project Manager
Role & Description—Management of Identity Management Project, Infrastructure and Storage migration projects for accounts belonging to Sun Microsystems: Proximus, Base, Belgacom, Luminus, Ericsson, NRB, Ardatis, … The size & difficulty varies from simple straightforward projects to large & complex projects. The project management methodology used for the projects is Prince 2. Besides that I am also involved on presales tasks with respect to risk management and project planning.

January, 2003 – November, 2004
Function—Project Manager
Description—In order to strengthen its market position with respect to on debit and credit cards, Banksys continiously extends its business or streamlines its processes together with its clients/shareholders.
Role & Responsibilities—Management of bank related projects according to the principles of the Project Management Institute (PMI). Crisis management of project in difficulties.

Pro Text
November, 2002
Function—XML Consultant
Description—Pro Text is delivering a study on XML-repositories, XML-editors and XML-registries for the EC DG Personnel and Administration.
Role & responsibilities—The creation of a study on XML-regsitries that have the capacity of managing the XML-vocabularies on an organization level. The study contained a comparison of Tibco Canon/Developer, Barbadosoft CorteXML and IBM XML Registry (XRR).

Pro Text
October, 2002
Function—Functional analyst
Description—Pro Text is implementing a content management system at SD Worx.
Role & responsibilities—Translation of the enduser-requirements into a document containing the functional analysis. The functions are modelled with Use Cases (UML).

Fortis AG
November 2001 – September 2002
Function—Project Management consultant
Description—Fortis AG has been involved in a major project to migrate a current application on Employee Benefits from a pure mainframe environment towards a client/server architecture.
Role & responsibilities—My role started as a project assessor, screening the project with respect towards scope, organization, cost, time, planning and control. After having formulated an action plan to increment control and credibility, my current role is a mix of project office and project management consultanty.

October 2001 – November 2001
Function—Project auditor
Description—The wages administration system had to be adapted for the Euro. Three months before the implementation of the new system, the project was unlikely to meat the deadline.
Role & responsibilities—Auditing and assessing the project; reporting the findings towards the direction of the service unit; using the conclusions of the report to set up a new project structure, contact third parties and re-start the project.

Belgian Travel Network
June, 2001 – August, 2001
Function—Project Manager
Description—The project involved the migration of a client/server architecture towards a multi-tier Web architecture in BEA Weblogic.
Role & responsibilities—Contract negotiations, project staffing, creation of the project administration plan, and project start-up.

European Commission – European Food Administration
May, 2001 – June, 2001
Function—Knowledge Management Consultant
Description—Comparative study on document & knowledge management and workflow tools to be used at the future European food administration. The packages compared: Livelink (Open Text), Docsfusion (Hummingbird), Documentum, Jetform & Staffware
Role & responsibilities—Analysis of the service requirements and mapping them to the possibilities of the different packages. Reporting the conclusions stating the advantages and disadvantages for that particular customer.

KULAK - Studiecentrum vastgoedrecht
January, 2001 – April 2001
Function—Project auditor
Description—The centre was looking forward to put legal statutes, doctrine and case law on the Internet and therefore started a content management project. The project was going on since 1999 and the client was faced with major quality and delivery problems of their supplier at the time. After an audit, we advised on choosing a new supplier, we prepared a new call for tender. The project took a fresh start and is now well underway.
Role & responsibilities—Auditing the project on requirements, time, quality, cost, organization, and risk. Creation of an action plan, preparation of a Request for Proposal and selection of the tender.

Ministry of Economical Affairs
April, 2000 – June 2001
Function—Project Manager
Description—The goal of this project was to put Belgian legislation on an intranet. This legislation is used by the inspectors of the ministry that work all over the Belgian territory to verify if Belgian Economic Legislation is well applied.
Role & responsibilities—While managing the project, some major issues had to be dealt with, such as: lack of resources with the required skills; limited budget to start with; third party involved. The main contributions were: negotiating a new project budget based upon the new situation; giving the team members instructions how to move forward; defining quality requirements for the third party to comply with.

Bank van de Post:
January 2000 – August, 2000
Function—Project Manager
Description—Bank van de Post wanted a centralized and web-based dissemination of their client & product oriented procedures. While technology was simple and quite straightforward, the major attention point here was to explain the client the basics of document management.
Role & responsibilities—Managing a team of two consultants that had to implement a small document dissemination application within an intranet environment. The main concern was about the use of a resource (junior) that did not have the required skills to do the job. The project remained within time and budget.

Private Kasbank
December, 1999 – November 2000
Function—Project Manager
Description—Development of an e-Business application that had to function as a portfolio-application as well as an extension to their Internet banking application.
Role & responsibilities—From a project management point of view, the main contributions were the creation of a project administration plan giving the client a clear view of how Unisys implements projects, and the initialisation of clear communication structures since the development team incorporated resources of the client.

Record Bank
December, 1999 – July, 2000
Function—Project Manager
Description—The project involved implementing a COINSERV and COLD implementation for archiving and reproducing Bank account extracts.
Role & Responsibilities—My role was to coaching and help a junior project manager.

Bank Card Company
May, 1999 – December, 1999
Function—Project Manager
Description—Y2K-project. This project was about migrating from an AS400 non Y2K-compliant system towards an Oracle-based system. The new environment had to be integrated with existing Kodak imaging applications. Since this was a business critical environment, the new environment had to be set in place while guaranteeing business continuation.
Role & responsibilities—Managing the project in the midst of constantly changing resources, a client that was in a full reorganisation, and managing a client that was not used to work according project based principles. In extenso, the client had to be coached in order to implement a test plan for acceptation.

May 1999 – December 1999
Description—In order to prepare Y2K, Banksys needed an overview of all the equipment and software (mainly Kodak) used within their document reproduction department with an indication of Y2K-compliancy.
Roles & responsibilities—Creation of the inventory.

February, 1998 – April, 1999
Function—Project Manager & Knowledge Management Consultant
Description—BBL wanted to transform radically the way their documents were created and disseminated throughout their organization. The ultimate goal was to migrate from a paper-based process towards a web-based (intranet) process.
Role & responsibilities—Leading a team of four consultants for a study with respect to document structures and the internal document flow of this retail bank. The main experience here was about project planning and budget control.

September, 1997 – December, 1997
Description—VRT needed to migrate several old Mapper(Unisys)-applications towards new environments in order to avoid Y2K-problems.
Role & responsibilities—Analysis and development for a library application. This library application had to be custom-made in MS Access.

Generale Bank, Fortis Bank
December, 1997 – July, 2000
Function—Project Manager & Consultant
Description—The project was about implementing a knowledge application. The goal of this application was to put all the relevant procedures and documents at the disposal of the different agencies in the country via an intranet.
Roles and responsibilities—Analysis and development for in an intranet application. The technological issue here was the integration of products like Basisplus (OpenText), Omnimark, CGI, c-shell, VBScripting, Visual Basic, Netscape Server, MS Word 95, MS Word 97, and Video Text. Operating systems involved: Sun Solaris, Windows NT, Windows 95.
Replacing the original project manager, I got my first hands-on experience in project management here. Since the scope of the project changed regularly (extensions, new technology, fusion with other banks), project change management and risk evaluations were the main experiences and contributions here.

Former employers
September 1st, 2001 – February 28th, 2002
Function—Project Director
Tasks—The Business Unit Finance, has several projects with respect to e-Business, m-Commerce, internet & intranet, mainframe, ... My role involved the follow-up of several project managers that work in the field. They had to report to me on a weekly basis about the planning, the progress, the budget and the risks. If necessary, I had to take appropriate action to keep the project on track. I reported towards the Adjunct-Director of the Business Unit Finance.

January 1st, 1997 – August 30th, 2001
Function—Project Leader and Content/Knowledge Management Consultant at Fortis Group, Bank Brussel Lambert, Vlaamse Radio en TV, and Banksys-Bank Card Company, Kulak, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Bank van de Post, Banque Caisse Privée, Record Bank, European Commission, Belgian Travel Network.
Tasks—Project Management in e-Business-projects, implementing Document Management Systems, consultancy in SGML & XML, implementing Internet & Intranets for document delivery, document based Knowledge Management, content management, structuring corporate documents, pre-sales,...
I have trained about 100 colleagues in XML (Austria, Belgium and The Netherlands)

Wolters Kluwer
February 17th, 1992 – December 31st, 1996
Function—Project Coordinator, Analyst-Programmer & SGML-specialist
Tasks—Realization of functional analyses and design of technical specifications for the development of a new integrated production system in order to realize legal publications, contacting external consultants, research on new publishing techniques and their implementation within the company. Design and implementation of a document management system to store Belgian legislation. Design and implementation of DTDs to store Belgian Legislation and Jurisprudence in SGML, SGML-training for internal users, ...

K.U. Leuven
April 1st, 1987 – February 14th, 1992
Function—Librarian at the Library of Law.
Tasks—Implementation and maintenance of a database to manage the periodicals; online data retrieval of European public databases; data analysis (on profile and advising library visitors).


1990-1993: License in Information and documentation sciences. University of Brussels (ULB)
1988-1989: Interfaculty Program of American Studies. Catholic University Leuven (KUL)
1983-1988: License Modern History. Catholic University Leuven (KUL)

Prince2, November 2005
Advanced topics in Project Management ,October – December 2003
Coaching for Project Managers, May 2003
eBusiness Process modelling, May, 2001
Fabasoft, e-CRM software training, January 2001
Quadcycle, July 2000
Xsl, June 2000
Financial Management of Projects, May 2000
Eastman Software, October 2000
Business Process Modelling, May 1999
Project Control, April 1999
MS Project 98, 1998
Project Estimation and Risk Management, 1998
Delphi, March 1996
Implementing Client/Server Architecture, June 1995
Communication skills for analyst-programmers, March 1995
Document management & Electronic Delivery, November 1994
Project Management, May 1993


Guidelines of Project Management Institute’s Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)
ABC Flowcharter
Adobe Acrobat
Eastman Software

Lotus Notes
MS Access
MS Excel
MS Outlook
MS Powerpoint
MS Project
MS Visio
MS Word
Netscape Server
OO programming

Softquad Panorama SQL Server
Sun Solaris
Visual Basic
Win 95/98
Win NT
Windows 2000


Dutch—native speaker
German—excellent speaking skills, reasonable in writing
English—excellent knowledge in speaking and in writing
French—good speaking skills


ScrumMaster Agile Project Management
Prince2 Practitioner, November 2005
Association of Project Management: IPMA Certified Project Manager Level C, October 2000·
Association of Project Management: IPMA Certified Project Manager Level D, December 1999
Member of the Association of Project Management
Member of PMI


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