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Projectmanager, programmanager

Projectmanager, programmanager

Work Experience

Company Interpolis PensionsPeriod January 2005 - presentJob Title Project Manager “Migration of 1500 workstations”Situation Within the Interpolis concern the security of the used networks is to be improved. To achieve this all workstations are to be equipped with the latest adjustments, patches and software. The impact of this project on the workstations of Interpolis Pensions is substantial. Roughly 150 (company) applications need to be tested on the 1500 plus workstations. Where necessary applications will be modified or given other adjustments making communication with the new environment possible. Simultaneously and as part of the above described project the technical management of the applications was charted and transferred to the central Interpolis Pension ICT organisation. Interpolis Pensions is the first internal party to take this step. The result of this being that a joint approach was made by the Interpolis Concern and Interpolis Pensions to form a service with commitments and processes.Scope Project budget € 500K 14 project co-workers 5 locations

Company InterpolisPeriod January 2004 – January 2005Job Title Consultant “selecting computer location”Situation A decision needed to be made by the ICT board of Interpolis concerning the choice of and the possibilities of a network with national coverage from one central location. Tasks consisted of gaining information from suppliers; making analyses; visiting work locations and furnishing advisory notes.

Company InterpolisPeriod September 2003 - January 2005Job Title Project manager “Phasing out the peninsula”Situation In the first half of 2003 the network infrastructure throughout Interpolis was renewed (for details see the project described in the period October 2002 – September 2003). To achieve fast implementation of the primary and fundamental infrastructure, a technical peninsula was created for a number of company systems. This made it possible to connect systems to the network even though they needed more time to migrate and/or preparatory work. The end- users of the systems were hereby guaranteed availability of the systems.When placing these systems in the ‘Peninsula”, binding agreements were made with the Market- and company divisions concerning the migration of the so called “peninsula systems”. The project “Phasing out the peninsula” had the purpose of guaranteeing these agreements and supporting the Market-and company divisions while going through the different migrations. In the period of little over a year – in a cooperation of the central ICT organisation and the ICT organisations of several Market- and company divisions – more than 350, often critical systems were migrated to the new network infrastructure.Scope Project budget approx. € 750K Migration of 350 critical systems 8 locations

Company InterpolisPeriod October 2002 – September 2003Job Title Project manager “Interpolis new infrastructure INISituation In the period preceding October 2002 a team consisting of different specialities (network, workstation, server, security) designed a new network with national coverage for Interpolis. This design had 3 main goals:1. Renewing the infrastructure, making the use of new technologies possible and lifting the security of the network to a higher level.2. Connecting all Interpolis Market- and company divisions (a number of market divisions were to be integrated legally and financially as of January 1st 2003. The INI project was responsible for the technical integration)3. The significant reduction of the Total Cost of Ownership of the complete technical infrastructure. As right-hand-man to the Program Manager and Project Manager plans were made in the latter months of 2002 for a migration in 2003 and the technology was tested in a testing environment and made available to the concerned parties. After establishing 2 Main service Junctions (Computer centres, 1 in the South and one in the middle of the country), the migration of all locations (more than 96) took place between March and June. This project provided the 7700 Interpolis employees with:· A network with national coverage (WAN), available through the MPLS service of the KPN.· New Office suite· Additional tools such as Messenger· New hardware, either desktop or laptop· The possibility of working flexibly from different locations (due to data availability throughout the country)· A variety of office environments using WLAN· A completely new backbone infrastructure, rendering a better performance and availability· Availability by way of a Citrix Farm· New backup, save, e-mail and intrusion detection· Centrally regulated admission to and from the Interpolis network. The project was executed by a core team of 35, supported by dozens of Ordina employees, the chosen partner in this project. Executing RFI’s and RFP’s to realise the WAN and to select workstations (desktops and laptops), were executed as part of the project.Scope Project budget € 23 million Project Management Team (6 Project leaders/2 staff members)

Company Rabobank Nederland Effectendiensten Period October 2001 – September 2002Job Title Project manager “Fund Advice”Situation In the period 1999 – 2000 Robeco developed a new Product Strategy for all investment services within the Rabobank group. The product with the project name “FondsAdvies” was a direct derivative of the new Product Strategy. The objective is to service client portfolios within the 50K to 150K euro group, with the intention that clients receive automated tailored advice. Based on the findings of the research centre IRIS. The advice consists of specific advice to buy or sell of funds, based on the client’s portfolio and investment profile (aggressive or conservative). The project’s objective was to clearly describe and design the service and creating said service. This project was executed in close cooperation by Robeco and Rabobank Nederland Effectendiensten and Rabobank Groep ICT. The service was introduced through Robeco/Rabobank channels.Scope Project budget € 3.5 million Services innovation

Company Rabobank Nederland Effectendiensten Period November 2000 – September 2001Job Title Projectmanager “Financial Reconciliation”Situation Conducting a study whereby the financial reconciliation and financial settlement with the stock exchange was studied. The results of the study were used to initiate a project whereby the process and the financial reconciliation is equipped with advanced automated support. In realising this project the automation grade of this process increased from 30 to 80%. In the process of financial settlement a number of simplified changes were implemented, making the through time of future changes shorter and decreasing the chance of mistakes. Scope Project budget € 350K ICT and organisational changes within the scope

Company Period April 2000Job Title Initiator/FounderSituation In April 2000 my own company was founded. The aim of the company is to make project management expertise with a broad experience available.

Company ABN/AMRO Investment BankPeriod July 2000 – October 2000Job Title Interim Manager SDI-3Situation Daily management of IT department with 24 employees within the Investment Bank of ABN/AMRO. Coaching and training of the new manager, supervision of the phasing out of a risk management system and expansion of a new data spreading system.Scope 24 employees Down sizing
Company RaboBank Nederland EffectendienstenPeriod December 1999 - July 2000 Job Title Project manager Situation Restructuring of the back-office of RaboBank Nederland Effectendiensten following a major reorganisation. This was a multi-disciplinary assignment with technical, organisational and process related aspects.Scope Project budget NFL 750 K 20 employees

Company RaboBank Nederland EffectendienstenPeriod August 1999 - December 1999 Job Title Consultant/Project manager Situation Analysis of the demands of the Rabobank Orderline for support by technology, seen from the perspective of market and client development. Based on this analysis formulating a new process definition and a multilayered architecture. Parallel to above, accountable for the exploration of feasibility and implementation of speech technology for the Rabobank Orderline.

Company Fortis/VSBPeriod January 1999 – August 1999Job Title Project managerSituation Implementation of the call centre for the stock telephone line of the VSB Bank for private persons. This meant designing and defining processes, procedures and working instructions and rooting the new department within the existing organisation, employing people for the call centre, realising supportive information and communication technology and the adjacent marketing communication activities to make the new product known to the existing clients.Scope Project budget 800 K 20 project employees

Company OriginPeriod March 1998 – July 1999Job Title Consultant Performance Management Situation Development of a number of products and services relating to Performance Management with a number of fellow consultants. Two methods were developed: “Performance Management: the learning process management approach” and “Performance Management using the Business Balanced Scorecard”. The implementation of the Business Balanced Scorecard in the Service Line Consulting of Origin Nederland.

Company HageluniePeriod January 1998 – January 1999Job Title ConsultantSituation Aid in the making of a strategy concerning the unification of Europe and the Dutch and English markets in particular. Translating strategy to tactical and operational levels and the initiation of projects. Implementing Performance Management for a number of core processes and the development of a new (multi-tier) ICT Architecture.

Company InterpolisPeriod June 1997 – January 1998Job Title Interim IT managerSituation Day to day management of the IT department consisting of 50 employees of the Business Unit Schade Particulier (damages, private sector).The most important tasks consisted of adapting the old technical infrastructure to the progressive new business processes (IKC). This not only meant that technical changes needed to be made. In addition redefinition and restructuring of administrative processes was necessary. Another aspect was formed by having to motivate the employees.Scope Project budget 500K

Company DedicatePeriod January 1997 – June 1997Job Title ConsultantSituation Designing a structured method for the commercial execution of audits in the area of ICT management. Designing a structured method for the commercial execution of information planning.

Company KLMPeriod April 1995 – January 1997Job Title Interim IT managerSituation Day to day management of an IT department consisting of 50 employees (6 teams). The most important task was shaping a new internal system management organisation for the total management of the systems for several KLM divisions. Expertise advice from the department in the areas of AS/400, RS/6000, Email services, Network infrastructure, NT/Novell/Apple management, KA-support, OS/2 Lan Server.

Company KLMPeriod July 1994 –April 1995Job Title Support ConsultantSituation Advice and management of support department (12 employees).

Company Campina MelkuniePeriod July 1993 –July 1994Job Title Technical Support SpecialistSituation Support of the technical infrastructure.

Company Nationale Nederlanden, divisie LevenPeriod July 1992 – July 1993Job Title Support ConsultantSituation Advice and management of support organisation (8 employees).

Company University of AmsterdamPeriod January 1989 – July 1992Job Title System manager, programmerSituation Technical and functional management, giving and the support of training programs, migration of technical environments and programming.


EducationFulco is a permanent member of the Instituut voor Bedrijfskundige Opleidingen (IBO) in Zeist. This way he keeps his professional skills and knowledge up to date. In the past years (2000-2003) he has acted as coach within the seminary Organisatieverandering & Individu (seminar organizational transition and the individual), specializing in Project management.EducationNAME INSTITUTE YEAR
Hoofdopleiding bedrijfskunde (Business School) IBO 1999
Bedrijfskunde voor automatiseringsspecialisten (Bekaut) IBO 1995
MEAO Godelinde 1989
Product and Account management Ace Management Trainingen 2005
Veranderkunde en zelfsturing(Transition and self management) IBO 1998 – 2002
Prince2 Practitioner ISES 2001
Organisatieverandering en individu(Organisational changes and the individual) IBO 2000
De betekenis van de netwerkorganisatie (The meaning of the network organisation) IBO 2000
The Work IBO 2000
Presenteren van Kunst tot Kunde(Making presentations) IBO 2000
Mind Mapping IBO 2000
Veranderd Veranderen (changed transition) IBO 2000
Presentatie IBO 2000
Logistiek Management(Logistics) IBO 1999
Human Resource Management IBO 1999


Teambuilding (forming, storming, performing)
Goal seeker and realisator
Finance, planning, organisation
Lines up with the business strategy


English fluent
German fluent
Dutch fluent


Inspirator and Realisator


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