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Project Manager

Project Manager

Work Experience

Jean-Pol’s skills reside in the start-up, the management and the roll-out of complex projects requiring the synergy between strategic, organizational and IT aspects. His strengths are strategic vision, extensive knowledge of organizational issues, broad I.T. experience and excellent communication skills.
His IT experience includes IT programme and project management, tactical and strategic planning, application design and development, system design and management, selection and implementation of various software packages, system integration, functional and technical evaluation of IT departments, security and operational audits. He has acquired a significant experience in IT applications specific to the telecom and energy sector.
His skills are not confined to technical domains. Business acumen, organizational skills, proficiency in applying methodologies, communication excellence are all key success factors that he actively cultivates. In the field of organization, he has identified, evaluated, implemented major improvements to business processes, animated workgroups, taken part to strategic studies, advised and assisted his clients in implementing the solutions defined.
Over his career, his interests and experience have evolved from technical knowledge into supporting the business with enabling technologies and aligning further automated business operation with the organization’s overall strategy. He cumulates practical sense and sophisticated conceptual thinking. These depth and breadth of insight enable him to communicate efficiently with all hierarchical levels.
His extra-professional interests lie in the fields of chaos, complexity, artificial life and artificial intelligence. He is convinced that both microeconomics and macroeconomics have a lot to gain by better understanding those domains and applying their paradigms.


09/75 -07/80 Electrical and Mechanical Civil Engineer(Graduated with 86.5 %) Université Libre de Bruxelles
09/82 - 07/84 Master of Sciences in Electrical Engineering(A Grade) University of Maryland at College Park
09/87 - 06/88 Complementary Certificate in Management CEPAC - SOLVAY


Project Management in application development, package implementation and system integration
Alignment of organisation and IT
Business Process Reengineering
Crisis management


Fr, Nl, En


Generalist : experience with a broad spectrum of IT technologies and in multiple economic sectors

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