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Work Experience

Nov 2001 – juli 2002 Food Company
Function Project Management
Activities Manage the complete implementation project of IFS. Reorganize ICT department and control two IFS consultants and three Atos Origin consultants

February 2001 – Nov. 2001 Atos Origin
Function Manager SAP CRM competence centre
Activities Ruurd manage the SAP CRM competence centre. The group consist of CRM consultants which are based each European country. The activities consist in the set up of a knowledge centre for the European countries, SAP trainings for consultants and sales, Pre-sales support.

September 2000 – Feb. 2001 Chemical Industry
Function Project Manager Improvement
Activities Analyze the present situation of the commercial processes. Develop a new way of working in SAP R/3. Manage the SAP Configuration consultants.

January 2000 – Sep 2000 Rental Organization
Function Consultant
Activities To implement an organization change. The change was to split the repair shop and the rental department in two separate units. The objective of the change was that both units can develop their own market strategy.


March 1993 – present ISBW
Function Trainer/Lecturer
Activities Ruurd also prepares and trains new consultants in the area of their Management Style, Teamwork, Time Management and Presentation Skills and Management for ICT professionals.Ruurd teach APICS courses and Operation management courses.

September 89 – June 1992 Hanze hogeschool
Function Lecturer
Activities Ruurd teaches for the Groningen MBA, lecturing Operations Management

September 85 – June 1992 VLM (Dutch APICS organization)
Function Lecturer
Activities As a lecturer on the Post Academic Course (Management and Integrated Logistic (MIG)), he focuses on how to use change management by the implementation of standard software

Tetra plc

April 1997 to December 1999 Sage Tetra plc
Function Branch Manager
Activities Ruurd acted as local General Manager and was responsible for setting up the Tetra Benelux branch. He developed a three-year marketing and sales plan. From this position he secures twelve contracts for the ERP product CS/3 and managed the implementation projects. He trained the newly hired consultants and developed a help desk and support environment for the Benelux customers (43 in total)


June 1996 to February 1997 Biological Systems
Function Consultant
Activities Ruurd was responsible for selecting and implementing a CRM system for Biological Systems. He developed a strategy and set up the E-commerce and Internet activities

June 1996 to January 1997 Package industry
Function Project Manager/consultant
Activities Ruurd conducted a gap analysis between the current systems and the new SAP system. Based on the analysis Ruurd developed a project implementation plan and budget.

July 1995 to June 1996 Petfood (Physical Distribution)
Function Project Manager
Activities Ruurd integrated 3 warehouses in Belgium, Netherlands and Denmark to one outsourced central Warehouse. He changed the logistics and sales organisation and implemented the EDI (E commerce) between the factories, central warehouse and the country Sales organisations.

June 1994 to July 1995 Automotive (physical distribution)
Function Project Manager
Activities Ruurd analysed the European distribution environment for a Japanese tyre concern. He worked with the management on a new distribution concept and then based the SAP R/3 (SD) implementation on this concept.

January 1994 to June 1994 Animal Feed Industry (process industry)
Function Consultant
Activities Ruurd developed an integrated production and distribution strategy. He developed the new strategy and then defined a route-planning system and a bar-code system through the complete supply chain from raw material to customer.

October 1993 or June 1994 Textile
Function Interim manager
Activities Ruurd integrated the Planning and Purchasing departments. As interim manager, Ruurd was responsible for the selection of new employees for the new roles. He set up the procedures and stabilised the organisation so the department could be taken over by a new manager. He supported and coached the new manager in his new role.

June 1993 to January 1994 Unilever (process industry)
Function Consultant
Activities Ruurd developed and executed a workshop for the top management on the consequences of implementing a standard ERP software package. The workshop was focused on the areas of organisation effectiveness, employee relations and project management. During the implementation he then supported the board by evaluating the implementation progress.

December 1991 to June 1993 BP Nutrition (semi process industry)
Function Project Manager
Activities Ruurd supported the board in splitting the Petfood division from the main company. The objective was that the Petfood division would be sold. As project manager, Ruurd implemented the new organisation structure with procedures and Information Systems The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, France and Germany.Afterwards Ruurd reorganised one of the UK production plants and returned the plant to profit from loss.

April 1991 to December 1991 Philips
Function Consultant
Activities Ruurd conducted a study on the possibilities of increasing customer service and reducing distribution costs for the whole of India for all the Philips products. The objective of the study was to determine which distribution system (DRP) gives the best opportunities to beat the competition. An important part of the study was the present and future prosperity of the organisation and manpower planning and training.

January 1990 to January 1991 Food Industry
Function Interim Manager
Activities As Material Manager, Ruurd managed the Warehouse, Planning and Distribution department. The objective was to increase the customer service, which was executed in six month.

Coopers & Lijbrand

June 1989 to December 1989 Building Industry
Function Consultant
Activities As Interim Manager of an EDP department (8 people), Ruurd managed the daily activities. He developed a five-year information strategy plan. Based on the plan Ruurd hired a new EDP manager and stabilised the function.

April 1986 to July 1989 Pharmacy
Function Project Manager
Activities Ruurd designed a complete new factory layout. The objective was to design a Flexible Manufacturing System with Automatic Material Handling Systems. The factory was developed with a completely integrated Automatic Warehouse. Based on the design of the new factory a standard ERP software system was selected. As Project Manager, Ruurd managed the implementation. As Purchasing and Inventory Manager responsible for a budget of 30m Dfl per year, Ruurd optimised the inventory levels and purchasing tasks, based on defined Customer Service Levels. Based on defined Customer Service Levels. He introduced another system to register the documentation for the FDA, which is based on bar-coding.

October 1984 to April 1986 Chicopee (process industry)
Function Interim Manager
Activities As Interim Material Manager, Ruurd was responsible for the re-implementation of an ERP system. The users were unhappy with the existing implementation and the benefits were not being realised. Results were achieved in 12 months.

Saab Scania

December 1978 to September 1984 Saab Scania Vabis
Function Industrial Engineering Manager
Activities Ruurd was the manager of the Technical Efficiency and Organisation department. He managed projects in the area of line balancing, Just in Time and internal goods flow simulation. He also supported the introduction of a new Truck system.


March 1977 to December 1978 Continental Grain (Process industry)
Function Consultant
Activities Ruurd conducted process studies in the USA and Germany for soya bean plants. Based on the analyses and the start up method, Ruurd developed a training program for the process operators. The program contained instruction on how to control the process and execute maintenance. Based on the program he developed an organisation structure and manpower plan.

August 1976 to March 1978 Suikerunie (process industry)
Function Consultant
Activities Ruurd analysed the process variables and their effect on the controlling of the plant. The study was used as the basis to automate the production of a sucker plant.

December 1975 to August 1976 Metal and Electronic Firms
Function Consultant
Activities Ruurd was responsible for executing work studies for different Metal and Electronic companies, and developing layout and route studies.

June 1974 to December 1975 Philips
Function Consultant
Activities Ruurd set up a cost estimation system for the complex medical equipment division.


Education Polytechnic for Marine EngineeringUniversity for Industrial Engineering
Professional Education RUG - Didactic to teach in universitiesBerenschot - Start-up techniques - Presenation skillsKrauthammer - Management and sales skillsISBW - To be Problem controlled trainerCoopers&Lybrand - Project Management and consulting skillsMatch - LIFO trainer (psychological testing and training) MOC - Finance for Decision MakersSnyworks - CoachingSAP - SD, MM, CRM, ASAP


ERP and CRM knowledge and experience SAP-SD, MM, CRMIFSPRMSSage Tetra CS/3BPCSMFG-PROExactMAS-MCSContact 2000



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