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Work Experience

- master in business administration: 1970;

Professional Experience and Functions

* from june ‘99 : President of Board of “Organization for handicaped persons” in Mol;
- focus on :
follow-up of new investments;
hiring of new personnel;
optimization of production processes, including selective automatization;
commercial contacts with main clients;

* from november ‘96 : general manager of a consulting firm (EXTRA bvba) with the aim to optimize between the economic, technical, research and anlytical requirements of the industrial activities;
- project at the GOM-Limburg in the frame of an European reconversion program (EFRO) for SME.
- specific experience with introduction of new technologies;
waste recycling;
streamlining of production processes;
follow-up of design of new digital control systems;
- re-organization of production control;

* from januari till june ‘96 : research manager at Policy Research Corporation;
- cost benefit analyses and economical impact studies for various transport projects;
- project management;

* from march ‘91 till februari ‘96: deputy general manager of Belgoprocess
- in charge on direction level of the two operational departments: the department of the treatment and conditioning of nuclear waste and the department of dismantling of nuclear installations; steady improvement of the production efficiency;
- introduction of a system of quality assurance (ISO 9001) in the same departments; certification expected by end of year;
- informatization of the fabrication data processing;
- successful start-up of new installations for the treatment of nuclear low level waste (CILVA), including a 2000T press and an incineration furnace with a capacity of 100 kg per hour.
- commissioning of a new storage building for high level radioactive waste, capable of withstanding earthquakes and airplane crashes;
- in charge of the international commercialization of the know-how and experience of Belgoprocess; many contacts with East block countries (Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic);
- frequent contacts with local and national authorities and with the medias in order to promote the nuclear industry;
- chairman of the committee for security, hygiene and embellishment of the workshop and of the social committee of Belgoprocess; representative of the direction in the entreprise committee.

* from march ‘75 till febr. ‘91 : successively deputy department head and department head at Belgonucléaire, Dessel
- initially in charge of the development of the fabrication of the assemblies for the plutonium fuel;
- later on in charge of the whole fabrication of the MOX plutonium fuel;
- operational implementation of the capacity increase of the fuel fabrication plant from 5T/year in 1985 to 35T/year in 1990, according to a strict time schedule;
- optimisation of the use of plutonium over a number of batches in order to homogenize the isotopic composition of the fuel; development and implementation of an ad’hoc heuristic algorithm.

* from sept. ‘68 till febr. ‘75: engineer at Belgonucléaire, Brussels
- mission at TNPG, Knutsford in England for the study and the optimisation of the fuel cycle of the HTR (high temperature reactor);
- various other studies about economic optimisation of the fuel cycle;
- optimisation of the size of a fuel fabrication plant according to technical and economic criteria;
- economics of the carbides and nitrides as chemical form for nuclear fuel;
- research and development on fast breeder reactor fuels (SNR);
- follow-up of the post irradiation experiments (PIE) on the first plutonium assembly (IF70), being irradiated in the BR3 (1963).


Senior consultant at EXTRA since November 1996;

Coordinator of all consulting missions for Belgoprocess (Bangla-desh, Egypt, Ukraine, Austria,...) from 1993 till 1996;

Mission at ATPu of COGEMA in Cadarache, France, from sept. to dec. 1992: expertise and evaluation of the production process for the fuel fabrication of MOX for LWR.

Organization of Scientific Conferences

- member of the organizing committee of “FLINS 94: Fuzzy logic and intelligent technologies in nuclear sciences”; Mol, sept. 14-16, 1994;

- co-chairman of the “NATO-Workshop on vitrification of arms-graded plutonium”; St. Petersburg, Russia, May 14-17, 1995;

- member of the organizing and program committee of ORBEL 11, the Belgian Conference on Quantitative Methods for Decision Making in January 1997;

- member of the organizing committee for the 1997 annual BNS meeting, with as subject : Worldwide Energy Perspective and Role of Nuclear Energy.

- member of the program committee of ORBEL 15, the Belgian Conference on Quantitative Methods for Decision Making in January 2001;



* at UCL, Louvain

- bachelor in physics: 1962;
- engineer in electricity and mechanics: 1965;
- certificate in nuclear sciences: 1966;
- master in business administration: 1970;

* at VUB, Brussels

- doctor in applied sciences (PhD): 1991; thesis: “Grouping of objects
using objective functions with applications to the monitoring and control
of industrial production processes”.

* military service: as COR in TTR: 1967-’68;


Key Qualifications

* Exploitation and management of industrial production plants;
* Research and development in mechanical, electrical and nuclear environment;
* Project management;
* Problem solving capability;
* Economic evaluation and operational optimization of processes;
* Daily safety and quality follow-up in industrial installations;
* Adviser of SME for the introduction of new technologies;
* Consulting activities in an international context;
* Cost benefit analysis for new investments and management decisions;

Domains of application

- Energy : nuclear, new energies (sun, wind,...);
- Operation Research : modelization and optimization of processes;
- Mechanics :machine construction, assembly of products;
- Metallic construction :assembling, welding;
- Electrotechnics : power supply and transmission, control;
- Environmental technology : water treatment, waste conditioning;
- Transport technology : concepts, optimization;


* languages:

- French and Dutch : mother-tongues
- English: fluent
- German: basics


Referee of Scientific Publications

- Fuzzy Sets and Systems; Ed. H.J.Zimmermann; Elsevier Science Publishers b.v., Amsterdam;

- Zentralblatt für Mathematik; Springer-Verlag, Berlin;

- Operations Research; The Journal of the Operations Research Society of America; Omaha, Nebraska, USA;

- JORBEL; Belgian Journal of Operations Research, Statistics and Computer Science; Brussels, Belgium.

Member of corporate associations

- SOGESCI / BVWB Société Belge pour l’Application des Méthodes Scientifiques de Gestion / Belgische Vereniging voor Wetenschappelijk Bedrijfsbeheer; secretary to the Board;
- AILv: Association des Ingénieurs de Louvain;
- KVIV: Koninklijke Vlaamse Ingenieursvereniging;
- SRBII: Société Royale Belge des Ingénieurs et des Industriels;
- GfKl: Gesellschaft für Klassifikation;
- BNS: Belgian Nuclear Society;
- KKHN: Kempense Kamer voor Handel en Nijverheid; member of the Board.


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Reports on Transportation Studies

1. Strategische en socio-economische effecten van het 48’/43’/38’ - verdiepingsprogramma vande Westerschelde - Sociale Kosten-batenanalyse en Economische Impact Studie; Policy Research Corporation nv., januari 1996; Eindrapport : studie in opdracht van het Havenbedrijf Antwerpen.

2. Kwaliteit Zeetoegangsweg Noordzeekanaalgebied; Maatschappelijke Kosten-batenanalyses; Policy Research Corporation nv., mei 1996; projectvoorstel in opdracht van het Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat, Directoraat-Generaal Rijkswaterstaat, Directie Noord-Holland.

3. Kosten-effectiviteitsanalyse van de nog uit te voeren infrastructuurprojecten op de Leie en de Bovenschelde Gent - Franse grens; ; Policy Research Corporation nv., juni 1996; eindrapport in opdracht van het Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Departement Leefmilieu en Infrastructuur

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