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Business change & transformation

Business change & transformation

Work Experience

Profile Summary
Dela is a Change & Transformation Executive and experienced in Project and Program Management.. He has over 20 years strategy and operations level executive consulting and program implementation experience for international companies in the Banking, Technology and Manufacturing sector. He has consulted for International corporates such as Lloyds TSB, ABNAMRO, ING Bank, Atos International, CMG , Siemens , Canon Europe, British Rail and Renault International.
Dela has also consulted on assignments as Change and Transformation Manager at Ministry of Trade & Industry Ghana and Change Lead Ghana Export Promotion Authority. He also worked in a Policy Advisory role for EUROGIRO Denmark in international payments implementation; travelling extensively and developing accounts within several in African Postal Banks.
Dela has successfully managed the Information Security Organization Program of ABN AMRO, working with Front Line Business Operations Leaders and Regional CISO’s across five continents, eventually developing and agreeing the information Security Operating , Process and Governance model for ABNAMRO Bank
Dela has also gained valuable experience in his role as the Global Offshoring/Outsourcing Manager for Siemen in Munich where he led the offshoring of 300 FTE to off-/Nearshore Centres in India, Poland and Romania.
Having successfully completed Lean Management training with McKinsey and Co, he has been on Lean Management consulting assignments for British Rail( Nottingham), Renault International(Bordeaux), Caya Madrid( Spain) and has undertaken lean sustainability studies and implementations for KPN, KLM and E Plus( Dusseldorf). He has developed and gained experience in KPI’s and efficiency metrics in his lean sustainability assignments.
Earlier in his career Dela has worked as a consultant for the Director Operations of Wholesale Banking of Lloyd’s TSB Bank in both London and in the operations office in Bristol. He participated In various projects such as the Customer Segmentation and Treatment Strategy Project, the Lead Management Project and the Channel Management Project.
He has passion for critical thinking, Business Change, Technology and Innovation, Strategy and Quality Control of programs systems, tools and models for complex transformational change. He kas repeatedly demonstrated success in implementing solutions to organizational, business and IT challenges and in executing actionable change.
Dela is a change manager adept in stakeholder engagement, change communication and action learning and, although very experienced in several change methodologies, enjoys developing together with the business new ways of doing things.
He consistently identifies critical drivers and engages relevant project stakeholders and is also, successful in building complex networks and relationships for organizational impact scaling, operations and change implementation.
Client Organizations & Experience

• ISCM Foundation
• Atos International
• CMG/Logica
• Cadans

• Lloyds TSB
• ING Bank
• Staal Bank
• Caya Madrid Bank
• Siemens International
• Canon Europe
• E-Plus
• British Rail
• Renault International
Change Management Experience
1. Organizational Change & Process Improvement Cadans:- As part of a team of Boston Consulting Group Program Team responsible for the Data Team and Process Analysis,
I. In analyzing and improving unemployment benefit processes of Detam and merging these processes with BVG Social Security into Cadans Social Security Organization.
II. Integrating and merging key processes complaint with a uniform sector process standards.
III. Reduced cycle time by 50%. Concentrating and or disintegrating organizational units and processes as necessary. HR consequences deferred to process responsible.
IV. Methodology used in process analysis is Structured Information Controlling and organizational change framework.
2. Offshoring and Outsourcing Siemens HQ Munich:- Global Offshoring Manager responsible of offshoring system management processes and ITIL services from Siemens HQ to several offshoring countries to include India, Romania and Poland. The goal was to:
I. Build a productive and cost efficient delivery, by offshoring services with a total work volume between 200-300 FTE in Global Business Unit (GBU) Germany and 100-150 FTE in GBU North America.
II. Increase efficiency between the onshore and offshore centres and consolidate Global Factory Siemens services in offshore centres
III. Implement 24/7 delivery in offshore centres and improve the speed of delivery of transitions
IV. Core Offshoring/Outsourcing Framework and approach guided by Siemens strategic Footprint, Gartner External Benchmark and internal cost history, Current and Future state Analysis and Decision Trees and Individual Change Transition to new roles.
3 Customer Segmentation Strategy/Treatment Strategy/Channel Strategy/Customer Service Management Lloyds TSB London/Bristol:- Acted and performed as the Program Manager to the Senior Executive Director Operations of Lloyds Wholesale Banking division. Researcher, Designer and implementor of a customer integration program across business, corporate and … sub divisions and integrated client fulfilment processes. The Terms of Reference was mandated as follows:
I. Operational complexity and minimizing the total cost of ownership
II. Increased customer expectations and Contact management
III. Business integration, Staffing and handling bulk e-mail CRM
IV. Integrating back-office applications and Automating business processes & workflow
V. Methodology guided by integrated customer framework, Virtual Advice Services, Product Development, Business,/Technical Architecture and Resistance Management.
4. Development of Web Presence and Implementing Oracle 7 Budgeting Tool for Canon Europe:- As project manager responsible for implementing European wide web presence and also in another project implementing an Oracle 7 project covering 28 European countries. For instance the Budget system design involved the following
I. GL Link Design
II. Hierarchy Design and Logical Database/ Model Design
III. Data Entry Form Design and Report Design
IV. OFA Technical Architecture Design
V. Key skills involved excellent coordination, Change Readiness Assessment, Stakeholder Management, Planning and Managing Implementation Team and Steering Committee Reporting.
5. Developing and Implementing the ABNAMRO Information Security Organization:- As Project and Change Manager responsible for the implementation of the global ABNAMRO Information Security Organization, working with Group CISO organization and group compliance, Operational Risk and Group Process Management. Deliverables as specified are;
I. Charter (CISO )
II. Operations model
III. Governance model (CISO)
IV. Management & Delivery Process (CISO)
V. Service Model
1) Global (CISO)
2) Inter-regional (CISO + RISO)
3) Regional (RISO)
4) Training, change management, communication & support services(RISO).


• Masters in Change Management
• Doctoral Economics (uncompleted)
• PION Oracle SQL Programming

Professional Development
• PION Oracle SQL Programming
• Lean Management (McKinsey/Atos Uni)
• International Payments (NIBE)
• Project Management (EXIN)


• Change Management
• Transition & Transformation Improvement
• Operational Excellence
• Process Management
• Information Security Operating Models
• Project & Program Delivery
• Lean Management
• Stakeholder Management
• E-Commerce
• International Payments
• Sourcing /Offshoring




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