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Sales & Marketing Director / MD

Sales & Marketing Director / MD

Work Experience

02/2015 – 02-2016 Business Consultant
04/2012 - 02/2015 Interim Board Member Mechan Groep
01/2014 - 02/2015 Interim Sales Director Valtra – Agritech
04/2012 - 02/2015 Interim Managing director Mechan Partners
09/2007 - 11/2011 Sales Director Benelux Kramp
03/2006 – 08/2007 Manager Fuel Systems Mokobouw
06/2002 - 02/2006: Business Manager & Credit Manager Lasaulec
09/1999 - 06/2002 Manager Billing & Credit Manager KPN Telecom

02/2015 – 02-2016 Business Consultant – Advisor

Strategy and business development advisor for International companies, distributors, wholesalers & dealers.

Projects involve:
Advising and setting up a European distribution organisation
Improving channel sales by restructuring dealer organisation.
Increasing sales by implementing Multi Channel and E-business
Increasing brand awareness by implementing E-marketing

04/2012 -02/2015 Mechan Group
The Mechan Groep is a Benelux distributor of the Tractor brands Kubota, Fendt, MF, Valtra & Challenger and 15 brands of implements. The Mechan Group employs 200 FTE and has an annual turnover of €200mln.

Interim Board Member Mechan Groep
Realisation of turn around program by successfully negotiating new OEM contracts,
restructuring group organisation from 12 working companies into 5, implementing CRM, EDI & SAP at all organisations. Strengthening dealer network by restructuring & implementing dealer development program.

Interim Managing Director Valtra – Agritech
Valtra is a global tractor brand. Agritech is the BNL distributor of Valtra.

Increasing sales, brand awareness, dealer satisfaction by successfully reorganising of the BNL dealer network, the internal organisation and marketing strategy. Realisation of strong increase of market share by building sales funnels, relaunch of brand and launch of new series. Strong increase of dealer satisfaction by implementing dealer development, and providing marketing & sales tools.

Interim Managing director Mechan Partners
Mechan Partners is the parts division of the Mechan Group.

Increase of sales & Ebitda of more than 20% annually by expanding the product range and optimising the PMC. Introducing several sales concepts promoting genuine products. Building an efficient organisation by restructuring staff by 25%.
Established new sales, EDI & marketing strategies.

• Profit & Loss responsible for Agritech (Valtra) & Mechan Partners.
• Valtra turn around program established, reorganise company and dealer structures.
• Valtra Launch of new series in BNL & DACH
• Valtra: market share grew with 35%
• Multi Channel marketing programs installed
• MP: Turnover reduction of 10% turned around in increase turnover of >20%
• MP: restructuring organisation in areas of Marketing, Sales, Logistics & Back office. 25% reduction of staff.
• Implementing CRM, SAP en EDI strategies & dealer development program

Work Experience

09/07 till 11/2011 Kramp BV
Kramp is Europe’s largest technical wholesaler for the agricultural, OEM, and construction market, MRO and Forrest and grass-care markets. Active in more than 30 countries.

Sales Director Benelux
Extremely successful reorganisation of commercial sales organisation from traditional wholesales into e-business organisation. Boosting sales & Ebitda by Implementing CRM portal & Multi-channel contact centre for 45000B2B customers and establishing EDI of >90%

• Commercial responsible for the strategic direction and development of markets Agri – Industry / OEM - Forest & Grass care & Construction.
• Reporting to Kramp Executive Board, Member of KRAMP MT
• Driver of Dealer development program
• Responsible for Credit Management of Kramp BNL
• Responsible for implementing Kramp Group CRM Multi Channel
Customer Contact platform (45000 B2B customers)
• Responsible for strategical development of commercial staff Kramp Group
• Best Practice manager UK – training Managing Director UK
• Projects in Germany, Russia, Poland, Scandinavia and Italy.
• Responsible for Customer & Employee satisfaction (Inc. customer panels)
• Achieving 88% web ordering in B-B surrounding, Main market > 90% EDI.
• Double digits turn over growth & margin growth in 2007, 2008,2009,2010 & 2011
• Sales per FTE doubled in 4 years.
• Turnover growth Kramp from €280mln. to €420mln.
• Strong increase in Ebit > 13%
• Successfully launched multi channel sales & marketing concepts in Europe
• Together with board responsible for Code of Kramp (Personnel Chapter)
• Driver of continuous learning program staff and organisation in Europe
• 700 staff members

03/06 – 08/07 Mokobouw BV
Mokobouw builds Fuel Station and everything around it.

Manager Fuel Systems
Setting up a division which was responsible for selling and distributing Wincor Nixdorf POS systems to fuel stations like Shell.

This job was not what I thought It would be.

Work Experience

06/02 to 02/2006: Lasaulec BV
Lasaulec is a Technical Wholesaler aimed at the MRO and automotive market with 52 outlets, 600 FTE and a turnover of 160m. Lasaulec is a big player in the Dutch market.

Business Manager Region Mid & Company Credit Manager
• Turning region with 7 affiliates and 90 FYE from underperformer into outperformer. As credit manager the liquidity of the organisation has been significantly improved

• Boasting sales by more than 30%, from underperformer into outperformer
• Optimizing logistics by increasing delivery performance & restructure organisation
• Member of Management Team
• Drafting & Realizing Sales plans & Budget
• Centralizing & reorganizing the Credit Management Division.
• Training commercial Team & boosting sales

09/99 to 06/2002: KPN TELECOM BV
KPN Telecom is Holland’s largest Telecom provider. After my study I was hired as a Young Potential and did several projects at several divisions, also abroad,

Manager Billing & Credit Manager KPN Billing B2B
Division responsible for collecting > 1Bln for 60 working companies of KPN. Standardizing work processes and department activities. Collecting 200m old debts and increasing turnover working capital.

Manager Billing & Credit Manager KPN Mayor Internet accounts (B2)
Building credit & billing unit for several innovative new divisions of KPN.

Manager Billing & Credit Manager Planet Internet Belgie (B2C)
Division of KPN in Belgium where I had to structure billing & credit management activities. Implementing and atomizing activities.

• Recovering of > €200m old debts
• Boiling & Structuring several Billing & Credit management centers in innovative branches
• Successful both national & International


2011-2014 Individual Business Coaching Programs

2009-2011 International Leadership Program Kramp

2005- 2006 Leadership Program Kroymans

1995-1999: Bachelor of Business (Marketing & Management)
International Business Studies
Hanzehogeschool Groningen
Study abroad Ireland

Graduation at KPN Telecom
Optimize of different departments responsible for collecting €1 billion

1999- 2015 large number of different (management) trainings


Realizing Sales growth by building successful sales organizations through implementing KPI, Sales Funnels,
Building effective distribution models by reorganizing and improving dealer networks/channel sales
Improving brand awareness by implementing Multi channel marketing strategies and E-Business tools.
Turning around organizations by redefining, executing strategy and reorganizing staff


Dutch, German , English fluent
Italiaan / Spanish basic


Achievements .
Awarded Best European distributor 2014 Valtra
Achieving double digits sales growth, always & everywhere
Successful implementation of numerous E-business concepts & solutions.
Improving dealer, customer & employer satisfaction (measured)
Highest Execution power, I get things done which others can’t & do it fast


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