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Interim manager / CEO/ Director / Mentor

Interim manager / CEO/ Director / Mentor

Work Experience

Full range of executive duties performed for established and tsrat up organisations with mainly High Tech industries.

Telecoms - GSM, Mobile, Billing, Build, Operations, Consulting
Internet - Application Development, Zope, Python,

Start Ups

A highly motivated and successful entrepreneurial international business builder, leader and visionary. Ability to deliver extraordinary results from start up to corporate organisations. Proven logical thinking CEO with extensive experience within the Telecommunications, IT, FMCG and Professional Recruitment industries. Ability to build strong customer relationships at Board level and to secure employee trust and motivation.

Skilled in taking loose ideas and working them into a realistic and commercial plan and then implementing that plan through to launch or sale. He has the ability to gain buy-in and loyalty from a team, to motivate them to achieve the desired goal and to develop them to outperform.


Entrepreneur/Business Leader

The Group (Founder, CEO, Non Exec Chairman & Majority Shareholder)
<sum> Responsible for the foundation and profitable growth of a privately owned consultancy serving the global telecommunications market from December 1995 – August 2001.
<sum> Group grew to 300 staff strong within 4 years and revenues exceeding CHF 54 million per annum (9% EBITDA).
<sum> Responsibilities included staff selection, financing, business planning, business strategy and overall responsibility for the P&L. Sold at Board Level to global telco players.
<sum> Established as a market leader with preferred supplier agreements in place with Nokia, Nortel, Ericsson, Orange amongst others.
<sum> Group consisted of 5 international offices serving the global telecommunications market and also included a software house in South Africa, which developed a mobile billing system.
<sum> From 1999 onwards, having recruited a full Board of Directors, his role was that of visionary and Chairman for the Group, forward planning the direction of the various divisions towards an eventual sale or flotation.
<sum> Introduced external VC finance into from major well-known investors in the UK.
<sum> Bought a billing company and then sold onto a large South African software house.
<sum> was sold to the Manpower Group in August 2001 to extend their industry specific portfolio.

Commsland AG (Founder, CEO & Majority Shareholder)
<sum> Commsland is a web based internal and external recruitment, skills matching and management application. It allows clients to define in detail the skills they require and to match those precisely with applicants or internal staff’s skills and interest levels. It also acts as a project management application from a HR perspective with features such as timesheets, identifying training gaps and assisting with career progression paths.
<sum> Responsible for the concept, functional design and overseeing the build of Commsland which has taken 3 years with a total investment in excess of USD 1 million.
<sum> The tool is being marketed to senior Directors in HR, Project & Programme Management and Professional Services roles and is non-industry specific. There is already traction from leading players within the telecommunications industry.

Network Cellular Ltd (Founder and Sales Director)
<sum> At the very birth of mobile phones for the personal consumer market, founded and built Network Cellular - a company providing and installing car phones. Clients included Margaret Thatcher, Various Royal Families Jackie Stewart and other well-known celebrities.
<sum> Built the business from conception to profitable revenue before selling shareholding.


Edusated to A level.


Good understanding of Microsoft and Mac OS, Unix knowledge.
In depth computer networking skills – multi OS, TCP etc.
In depth knowledge of GSM, Mobile Radio, Billing Systems.
In depth software design and build experience.
In depth Internet Application Development .
Ability to translate business needs into technical solutions.

Proven ability in taking people beyond where they think is possible.
Excellent team building skills.
Able to build trust with staff and customers.
Experienced in understanding and dealing with the ‘City’.


Englsih, German


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